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Megaform long form continuous

A brief history of MEGAFORM Computer Products

MEGAFORM computer products began as a creative concept of owner and president, Jim Browning, while he was at Forms Express. He noticed the increasing number of similar forms being used by various organizations and saw the need for a simple way to collect related data and consolidate it on a single printed form, eliminating the need for collation or multiple printer passes. This innovative solution yielded a form that was different from any other in use at that time, because a “megaform” was not limited to standard form lengths. The ability to produce forms 28 inches or longer opened up a vast range of possibilities.

In early 1991, Browning refined the process for printing these ultra-long forms. After many rounds of testing and iteration, and after studying the market for this new product, Browning purchased dedicated equipment and added proprietary technology to begin manufacturing the long forms, now officially named MEGAFORM.

MEGAFORM Computer Products (MCP) launched in February of 1992 as “The Long Form Specialists.” Its first two-color press was dedicated solely to printing the MEGAFORM. Demand was immediate and the response from customers was enthusiastic. Many people recognized the value of the new format and quickly adapted it to their business needs.

Sales grew so quickly in the first six months of MCP that it became necessary to purchase a second press. This new press had four-color printing capability and allowed for better product quality. The application of cutting-edge technology enabled MCP to better meet the needs of a constantly changing marketplace.

In April of 1992, MCP moved into a new facility in Vandalia, Ohio. This facility enabled MCP to respond to customer needs more quickly and effectively. Productivity has steadily increased alongside demand for our unique product.

In January of 2019, Ennis, Inc. acquired all trademarks and equipment used by MCP to become the exclusive manufacturer of MEGAFORM products. Manufacturing operations were moved to the PrintXcel facility in Toledo, Ohio, which is one of more than 50 Ennis manufacturing facilities nationwide. With the same unique technology and commitment to product quality, combined with the strength of the Ennis network, MEGAFORM is well positioned to continue to bring value to its customers.

Today, MEGAFORM remains a unique product with virtually unlimited potential for improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of business processes that rely on printed forms. From financial tax forms to insurance healthcare forms, the applications of a MEGAFORM are limited only by our distributors’ creativity and imagination. As the volume of information continues to grow, people will rely on MEGAFORM as the true long form printing specislists.

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